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In 1963 I used to frequent Blessed Sacrement School hall on Sunday nights when they put on nights of live music featuring local bands and quite a few merseybeat bands. I remember David John and the Mood playing there,Ray Lewis and the Trekkers.the first time I ever saw Dave Millen play with a trio called Group Three with Reg Welch on bass and Tommy Holmes on Drums.I can also remember seeing the original Hollies with Graham Nash,The Big Three,Lee Curtis and the Allstars with Pete Best on drums,Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and the original Midnighters with the late Keef Hartley on drums and Reg Welch on lead guitar. Fabulous bar or anything,more like a youth club. The older lads,including my older brother Dave Morris used to go for a drink first in the nearest pub beforehand which was probably the Bowling Green in Longridge Road,before the Ribbleton pub was built. I was only 15 at the time so went straight into the hall.

     I just wondered if anybody out there knows who the hell it was who organized those nights because it was absolutely wonderful.There was a great atmosphere and I never remember any kind of trouble.Great memories!

     Pete Morris(drummer with Bob Johnson in Loon Street Gas Band, Smokey Joe and Bush Country)

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