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I started getting interested in the local club/pub scene about 1969 (I was 19). Later in the very early 70's I wemt out a lot with George Scott and Ged Carberry and Maggie Baldwin, all the usual suspects. I think I went to every gig the Band played in Preston. It was always a good time and of course plenty of Crumpet around! I was at the Big Draw Rock Club when the video was recorded. George Scott had a lot to do with organizing that venue and did the light show too. He arranged dancers and decor and everything. Bob used to come around to Ged Carberry's little car place in Eldon Street for a smoke and he would sit and play guitar and sing a few songs. Good times. I still have a cassette tape of the London Recodings that George gave me and I still play it on occasion when I'm feeling melancholy.

 I was talking with my dad one day and Bob Johnson came up somehow. Dad told me that when he was Concert Secretary at Maudland Labour Club he used to book Bob Johnson and the Bobcats on a regular basis as everyone liked them. This was 50's/60's. So my family have been listening to and enjoying Bob for over 50 years!

 First time I saw Bob he was driving a Ford Mustang up the hill on Blackpool Road from the Cattle Market Car Auction (he was a car dealer and so am I) I said to myself there and then, "that is cool" I'm going to do that one day. That's the way Bob was, even without knowing it, an inspiration to people. Not only his music, but his all self.

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