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                                                                                                           Des  Intro


                                                                                               The Puppets First Single

                                                                                          Everybodys Talking

                                                       The Puppets 'A' side first single 1963. Recorded at RGM Sound  London


                                                                                                                                      Poison Ivy

                                                        The Puppets 'B' side first single 1963 Recorded at RGM sound London

                                                                                            The Puppets Second Single



                                                                                                                                          Baby Don't Cry

                                                   The Puppets 'A' side second single 1963 Recorded at RGM sound London




                                                                                                                                            Shake With Me


                                                 The Puppets 'B' side second single 1963 Recorded at RGM sound London


                                                                                 Three Boys Looking For Love

                                               The Puppets   a single recorded 1963 not released until the early 90s

                                                                     Check out this review from one Peter Dogget


                                                                    Recorded in the 60s not released until the 90s

Reckons liner notes writer Peter Doggett: "a single so dire that it might have annihilated the entire beat boom at a stroke... A Joe Meek production so lame, so ill-conceived, so appalling that it's worth the price of this compilation in kitch value alone

The writer of this (me, Des O'Reilly)does not necessarily agree with this comment. Imagine that, recording something that would bring the industry to it's knees. Lol







                                                                                            Two 'Live' Puppet Tracks

                                                                                                                     My Girl

The Puppets. Vocals and keyboard Don Parfitt. Recorded for the BBC's 'Saturday Club' 1966 recorded directly off the radio at the time, it's over 40 years old.


                                                                                                       My Name Is Mud

The Puppets with Don Parfitt on vocals, recorded for the BBC's Saturday Club'1966 Recorded directly off the radio at the time. It's over 40 years old.

                                                                  The Latest Pic of The Puppets  2013

                                   L to R Moyra and Don  and Karin and Jim went for a meal 16/11/ 13



                                            The band was for five years ,the friendship has continued for over 50 years

                                                        Don plays Keyboard and sings with his band 'The Soul Amigos'

                                                                                  Check 'em out on You Tube

                                                                             Jim is happily retired and loves it

                                                                                     Don't they all look great

                                                                               Thanks for the Pic  guys  ~~  Des





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