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My partner, Mos Day, has started up StageWRite here in the Aldinga Bay area. The idea being to create a meeting place on-line for artists, performers, musicians, songwriters & technicians in the local area. StageWRite will also be bringing performance writing workshops to the region, as well as working with local theatre companies to develop scripts and stagecraft skills. With the StageWRite website as a place to meet others of similar interests, and a place to put yourself on line without charge, collaborations and communications between the local performance arts community will be made easy. If you would like to become part of this new performance community, please take a look at the StageWRite website at and contact Mos with your details.

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       StageWRite is a completely new, community focused, performance writing group, based in the Aldinga Bay region of the Fleurieu Peninsula.


Aldinga Bay is blessed with many fine performance artists,  writers, actors, directors, entertainers and musicians, and it is from this group of arts workers and performance artists that StageWRite was conceived.


Currently performers and performance writers who are based in the Aldinga Bay region have limited opportunities to come together and collaborate on projects, or to form strong local connections within their own community, with local businesses and other performance artists.



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Similarly, there are limited opportunities for Aldinga Bay residents to be able to access, or to participate in, performance based activities without having to travel outside of their own region. With a local performance writing group based here in Aldinga, local cultural and artistic activities could be developed which, in turn, would help to strengthen the local performing arts community and provide them with opportunities to generate economic activity.


StageWRite have recently received funding from the City of Onkaparinga to provide a number of ‘Performance Writing’ workshops at the Aldinga Community Centre, Symonds Reserve, in 2009. These workshops will be offered to all members of the local community, so that everyone, from the very young to the not so young, can come along and enjoy the fun.



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In addition to these workshops, StageWRite is able to provide their website as an online 'gathering place', where all Wine Coast artists, performers and entertainers can promote themselves and their events, or form local collaborations or partnerships with other local performance artists and writers, with the aim to bring performance arts to all who live, work and play in the Wine Coast district of the City of Onkaparinga.


                          StageWRite Performance Writing Sessions


StageWRite will be presenting a series of performance writing sessions in 2009 at the Aldinga Community Centre, beginning in March. Each session will be hosted by StageWRite performance writers who will be joined by other performance professionals, (directors, performance artists, designers and technicians), to help session participants produce their own piece of performance writing for stage, screen or multi-media. Only $10 per session.


Please contact session co-ordinator, Mos Day, to book your place.


 Email:  [email protected]               









StageWRite Performance Writing Session Dates & Times


Songwriting Sessions

                   Wednesday 25/03/09     7.00pm – 8.30pm

                   Wednesday 01/04/09     7.00pm – 8.30pm


Scriptwriting Sessions

                   Wednesday 29/04/09     7.15pm – 8.45pn

                   Wednesday 06/05/09     7.15pm – 8.45pm

                   Wednesday 20/05/09    å.15pm – 8.45pm

                   Wednesday 27/05/09     7.15pm – 8.45pm

                   Wednesday 03/06/09     7.15pm – 8.45pm


Workshop Sessions

                  Wednesday 17/06/09     7.00pm – 8.30pm

                  Wednesday 24/06/09     7.00pm – 8.30pm



 Email:  [email protected]               










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